Emmy Award
- Won - Outstanding Children's Special - Paul A. Kaufman

Emmy Award
- Won - Outstanding Direction - Paul A. Kaufman

Emmy Award
- Nominated - Outstanding Writing - Rodney Vaccaro

Young Artists Award
- Nominated - Best Family TV Movie - Paul A. Kaufman

Young Artists Award
- Nominated - Best Performance in a TV Movie - Alexa Vega


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- Won - Outstanding Television Movie - Paul A. Kaufman

NAACP Image Award
- Won - Outstanding Actress Television Movie - Jill Scott

Prism Award
- Nominated - Outstanding Television Movie - Paul A. Kaufman


Imagen Award
- Won - Best Primetime Television Program - Paul A. Kaufman

Imagen Award
- Won - Best Actor for Television - Hector Bustamante

Imagen Award
- Nominated - Best Actress for Television - Judy Reyes

Imagen Award
- Nominated - Best Supporting Actress for Television - Ana Ortiz

Imagen Award
- Nominated - Best Supporting Actor for Television - A Martinez


NAACP Image Award
- Nominated - Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie - Michael Jai White


Prism Commendation Award
- Won - TV Movies and Miniseries - Paul A. Kaufman


Humanitas Prize
- Nominated - TV Movies and Miniseries - Susan Cooper