After losing her job, apartment and boyfriend in one day, LORI MADISON (Amber Benson), a sweet but easily distracted 29 year old woman, moves home with her mother VIVIAN (Julia Duffy).  She finds an old jewelry box full of childhood nick nacks and also discovers a list she made as a child: “7 Things To Do Before I’m 30.”

She realizes she needs to find direction in her life and has never finished anything she set out to do - so she decides to do everything on that list before she turns 30.

While checking off the items on the list, Lori re-connects with her high school sweetheart.  And number 7 on her list is to marry him.  But Lori left her boyfriend who now comes to claim her back.

She also reconciles with her mother and eventually realizes that the man she left behind is really the man for her.


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